Sunday, 9 May 2010

Why you should listen to me

Isn't it great when a study confirms what you already suspected? There's a significant correlation between robust daydreaming and superior intelligence.1

So, am I really saying that because I am, and have always been since childhood, a thinker and a dreamer, I have 'superior intelligence', for which my musings should be respected?

Well... yes. I ought perhaps to say, I'm blushing furiously as I type. I'm sure some of the students around me in the lirbary have noticed.

What I'm really searching for is a way to give credence to my meditations.2 To convince myself, and maybe others, that I'm not just another guy with his own crazy opinions, but that I'm one of those [rare] types that really can think clearly and brightly about all aspects of the world and its big questions.

Maybe I'm worth noticing. Maybe I could be the next Descartes or Hume.

There I go, daydreaming again...

2: ... and subtly working in the blog title...

1 comment:

  1. "While daydreaming, your thoughts are gliding and ricocheting all over the place--past, present, future--accessing all your stored knowledge, memories, experiences, etc."

    This really makes sense!

    But if you daydream during a lecture, accessing stored knowledge will prevent you from learning new things, which is surely counterproductive ;)